Coming Into Your Own

May 13-16, 2020

Hancock, New Hampshire

What to Expect

A Circle of Women Learning from each other -  Every CIYO brings together women from multiple generations, diverse backgrounds and professional persuasions.  The one commonality is women come to share, learn and support each other.


Clear, repeatable processes to access your own Wisdom and Voice -  A signature of the CIYO program is a deep reawakening of your own intuition, voice and inherent wisdom through a simple process that you can take home and use wherever you feel you have lost your way.

Letting Go of Old Stories and Reclaiming New Ones - The stories we tell can either inspire us or create "prisons of our own making".  Old stories will be surfaced that can be shed in order to find new stories that are relevant for where you are now in your life and work.

A map of Leadership and Wholeness - No matter what your work is in the world, you are the leader and creator of your life and your contribution to the larger world. Living and leading, with precision and clarity is ever-more important as the world speeds up and time becomes one of the most precious commodities we own.

The Whole range of Emotional Intelligence: Navigating your life requires access to the entire range of your emotional intelligence - joy, sadness, anger and fear - and all the nuances in between.   All of this intelligence is welcome, and tools for learning how to use this intelligence rather than be captured or paralyzed are offered.

Other Benefits


  • Becoming Part of an International Circle of Almunae - A dynamic, international community of women has grown over the past twenty years.  You will have access to this circle to share, interact and learn from via facebook.

  • Access to Events, Programs and Resources - Networks and ongoing opportunities for continued learning and interaction are available all over the world for CIYO alumnae.

  • One-on-One follow-up Coaching - As a follow-up to the work you have done during the retreat you will have access to a specific coaching session with one of the faculty.

  • A group video call - An optional opportunity to check-in together and share how your own learning and intentions are unfolding.

  • A monthly message of Inspiration and Connection - A simple reminder to stay connected to your own source of wisdom, inspiration and voice will be sent out via email.

  • Longer terms coaching options - For those interested in a series of coaching sessions with one of the faculty this is available.


Program Details

WHEN:  May 13-16, 2020

WHERE: Hancock, New Hampshire

TUITION: Includes individually tailored pre- and post-session coaching calls, pre-program reading suggestions and other resources, access to global CIYO alumnae network, takeaway tools and materials, and a follow up group coaching call.


  • $950 Individual program tuition
    (For individuals with current financial constraints, scholarship and/or payment plans may be available.)


  • $1,500 Government & Non-Profit Sponsorship

  • $2,000 Corporate Sponsorship
    (Note: Do you need a sample sponsorship request letter for your organization? Email Liz and she can customize from letters that have been used in the past:


ROOM AND BOARD INFORMATION: Participants have a range of options in the area around Hancock, NH, including:



CANCELLATION POLICY: Tuition costs are refundable until October 1st, 2019. After that date, cancellations can be applied to a future program.

Program Faculty
Peri Chickering

Peri currently works as a Senior Consultant for Dialogos. Historically, she spent years as a professional mountaineer, guide, and experiential educator. With the outdoors as the classroom, she traveled to many parts the world creating and leading wilderness-based leadership experiences for individuals and groups. Much of this worked centered around creating multicultural leadership development programs for both youth and adults, including bringing the first group of Soviet youth into South Africa and the first tri-lateral exchange between Soviet, Hungarian, and Americans in the United States. As an outgrowth of these pursuits, she went on to raise the funds, train and develop local staff, and start new leadership schools in several countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, and South Africa. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Institute.

Michele Steckler

A producer at heart, Michele Steckler founded the consulting firm Fly Loft Group as a natural extension of her theatrical roots. Michele’s expansive career in the theatre, from avant-garde stage manager to Broadway producer, provides the foundation for consulting, lecturing and leading workshops about a unique model of practice called Producing Your Life. Equally comfortable in a conference room, classroom or onstage, Michele is passionate about investing in people, awakening potential and honoring the human instinct to connect. Her fourteen-year tenure with Disney Theatrical Group began in 1997 as the original Assistant Director on The Lion King, eventually becoming Senior Producer overseeing multiple titles on Broadway and around the world. Michele now partners on diverse projects in the arts, business and education, creating space for people to develop the skills and capacity needed to grow and thrive in the 21st century. 

Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis is a 17-year veteran and now retiree of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group (WBG). She led broad organizational change initiatives with courage and motivational leadership, and in her last three years managed the WBG/IFC’s two premier leadership development programs to create diverse and committed leaders in mid-level, senior and nonmanagerial ranks of the organization. CIYO has been the anchor in her own transformational journey since 2009. Liz is creating a new life in the forest in Vermont centered on supporting women, building community, and living lightly as a good steward on this earth.